Product Release: The Apothecary Logo Bundle

I just released a brand new logo bundle. This logo bundle is by far my favorite logo bundle that I have created to date. It is designed with the intention of creating one cohesive brand. That means you can select any number of logos in the bundle and pair them to create a cohesive, intentional and beautiful brand.

Let’s dive into the design and some of the details.

The Apothecary Logo Bundle | I just release a new logo bundle designed with #ethicalbrands in mind. Check it out and see how easy they are to edit at #branddesign #logobundle #logodesigner

1 | What is a Logo Bundle?

A logo bundle is a collection of logo’s created to be used in unison to make up an entire brand.

The thing about branding, is it isn’t just one logo, it’s an entire system. With this logo bundle, you can walk away with a complete branding system for just $9.

The Apothecary Logo Bundle was created with ethical brands in mind. This set of logos is perfect for those who work in the lifestyle, wellness and health spaces with a mindset of ethical and sustainable branding.

As a side note: I will be creating more logo bundles in the near future. If you have a style you would like me to create, don’t hesitate to ask! Just leave your request in the comments.

2 | What’s Included

  • 12 Logos designed in Adobe Illustrator for optimal use

  • 2 Free fonts that are available for commercial use

  • A getting started guide to help you through editing each element

  • A video showing you how I chose to edit one of the logos - see below!

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3 | How to Edit

I decided to create a video showing me editing one of the logos. This is a simple example that demonstrates just how unique your logo can look with a few simple tweaks.

Please note: These logos are created in Adobe Illustrator and you must have Adobe Illustrator to edit them. Don’t have Adobe Illustrator? Use this free trial. OR, contact me and we can discuss how I can help edit them for you for an additional charge.

Are you interested in the logo bundle but afraid of editing it yourself? Shoot me an email and we can discuss how I can help you!