7 Tips for Branding Your Squarespace Website

There are so many perks for creating your website on Squarespace. 

User-friendly platform, amazing customer service and gorgeous templates. Templates are one of my favorite Squarespace perks. The intuitive and professional design ensures each user has an expert-level website from day one.

But, how do you stand out in a world of well-crafted websites? Your branding!

Keep reading to get my 7 tips for branding your Squarespace website.

7 tips for branding your Squarespace website | From colors to icons to squarespace blocks, this post has all the information you'll need! #squarespace #branding #squarespacedesign


1 | Customize your colors

Time to whip out your style kit with your color palette hex codes. 

With Squarespace customizing the colors of your website is really simple. Depending on your template your style editor should look something like the below image. Squarespace lets you customize link colors, font colors, background and navigation colors.

Customize your Squarespace website colors

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2 | Customize your font settings

Now that your colors are set and ready to go - let's talk about your brand fonts. 

You can customize your fonts the same way as you customize your colors. Head to the back-end of your website, go to Design > Style Editor and start replacing the website fonts with your brand fonts. 

Squarespace is connected with Adobe TypeKit and Google Fonts so there are plenty of options. Under each selection, for example Heading 1, you can customize font, type size, weight, style and more. 

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3| Don't forget your logo

This sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many people forget about their logo. 

Yes, most people remember to set the site logo. But, with the chaos of launching a website and business it's easy to forget a few vital places. For instance, your websites footer and favicon. 

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4 | Add Squarespace blocks

Squarespace blocks are the foundation of your website. 

They give you the freedom to add content like text, images and videos, link to your social media accounts, create custom layouts, everything! They are intuitive to use, easy to customize and completely transformative for your website. 

Using Squarespace blocks to brand your website

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5 | Play with site width

I know, I know. How boring and insignificant.

But, it's actually more important than you might think. Have you found a website with content you loved but their blog was just so hard to read! Well, they probably didn't know about the 50 to 75 characters rule. 

When playing with your site width be sure to count the characters (including spaces) on your text heavy pages. You want to keep the characters per line under 75 for optimal legibility. Nothing ruins great content like it being too hard to read. 

Helpful tool: Use this character counter


6 | Utilize Icons

Icons are an amazing branding resource. They break up text, quickly communicate messages and demonstrate creativity and personality. 

I use icons primarily for my Instagram story template, but they can also be used on your website as buttons, promotional graphics, blog sidebar graphics, etc. This is a fun and easy way to get creative and set yourself apart. 

Using icons to brand your squarespace website | example image from my instagram story templates
Using icons to brand your squarespace website | example image from my instagram story templates (x2)


7 | Utilize your brand voice

Don't forget your most important distinction - your brand voice. 

Your brand voice is the purposeful use of words to communicate your brand. Simply put, how you speak is your brand. The way you write a blog post, answer an email, write a caption on Instagram - that is all contributing to your brand voice.

Use your flare, language and spunk to create a real connection with your target audience and branding your website will come naturally. 


Want more tips for branding your Squarespace website? Let me know in the comments!