How to Select the Right Squarespace Template for your Creative Business

Squarespace offers a number of well-designed and professional templates.

Each template is equipped with mobile-friendliness, professionalism and designed with your target audience in mind. 

These features make choosing Squarespace a no-brainer. But, how do you choose which template is the right fit for your business? In this post, I guide you through choosing the best template for your business. 

How to Select the Right Squarespace Template for Your Creative Business | Before building a website, you need to start by picking a template. But, how do you choose which template is the right fit for your online business? You need mobile-friendliness, professional design and so much more. Read through my process at



1 | Define the purpose and scope

Before you ever look at Squarespace, you'll need to define the purpose and scope of your website. 

Let's start with the purpose of your website. Write down the reason you are creating a website. Do you plan to sell products, write a blog or showcase your portfolio. Your website may fall into a few different categories, so be sure to write down all of these categories. 

Next, let's define the scope of your website. For the scope, you should include all the pages you would need to include in your website. For example, blog, contact, about, product pages, portfolio pages, etc. Even if you will not include all of these pages to begin, write down all the pages you may want to include in the future. 

By first defining the purpose and scope of your website you can ensure the template you select will meet all those needs and features.


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2 | Utilize the categories

Squarespace templates are divided into a wide selection of categories. These categories range from online stores, creative services, fashion and beauty, food and drink, photography and much more. 

Although these categories are great jumping off points for selecting a template, don't feel pressured to select a template within a specific category. It's important to evaluate the features of each template above a categorization of the template. 

The categories are primarily used to negate overwhelm and assist in your decision making. But, you know your website better than anyone else and should make the final decision.


3 | Reference template features

Each template and template family offer unique features. Each template is customizable beyond it's pre-populated style and functionality. The style and functionality that is built into the templates tend to be themed across template families. 

Squarespace has created a template comparison chart to aid you in deciphering the differences between each template and template family. 

Before you look through the template comparison chart, I suggest listing out all of your must-have's. For example, a footer navigation, blog sidebar or gallery pages. Depending on your must-have's you should be able to narrow down possible templates.


4 | Take it for a test drive

No matter how much preparing you do, you won't know exactly how a template works until you get started. 

Squarespace makes it simple to switch between templates without losing any of your content.

When I first launched this website, I hadn't planned to blog. But, I quickly learned how necessary a blog would be to the success of my business. The template I launched my website on didn't have a blog sidebar. Since, I didn't feel a blog could be successful without a blog sidebar,  I easily switched my template over and never looked back.  

How did you choose the template for your website? Let me know in the comments!