Design Spotlight: Kindred Weddings and Events

Kindred Weddings and Events is a Wedding Design and Coordination company based in Los Angeles, serving couples who desire an intimate wedding. View the balance of sophistication and whimsy we poured into her brand.

I first met Sarah, the owner of Kindred Weddings and Events, on Instagram. She won my first-ever giveaway and it was such a treat to work with her again.

In this blog post, I’m going to be walking you through our entire process together and highlighting her new sophisticated brand.

Let’s jump into it!

Step One | Inspiration Board

For the inspiration board, I wanted to hone in on your desire for sophisticated whimsy.

For the entire brand, those two words would remain our focus and getting it right in the inspiration board was crucial. In order to balance these two somewhat opposite ideas, I had to find what connected them.

In my mind, that was femininity.

In this inspiration board, you’ll see ribbon, soft colors, stationery, playful patterns and so much more that allowed us to find that perfect balance for Sarah’s brand.

Kindred Weddings and Events Moodboard by Jordan Prindle Designs.png

Step Two: The logo proposal

I use the one concept approach for my brand design clients and Kindred Weddings and Events was no different.

We presented one logo proposal built out showing the primary logo, two alternates and a favicon. We took a few rounds to end at our final concept, but we ended with this beautiful brand concept that truly spoke to Sarah’s audience and ideal brand.

Kindred Weddings and Events Logo Design by Jordan Prindle Designs.png

Step Three | Pattern Design

Once the logos were approved, we moved onto the custom pattern design.

For this pattern design, we played off of one of the alternate logo designs to create something truly custom and unique to Sarah’s brand. We ensured there was a whimsical touch by rotating the design 45 degrees and offsetting the pattern to add a touch of unpredictability.

Kindred Weddings and Events Custom Pattern by Jordan Prindle Designs.png

Step Four | Application

Once each individual element was finalized for Sarah’s brand, we started working on her business card design.

One of the things I love most about this business card is seeing her tagline come to life. “Crafting love-fueled intimate celebrations”. This tagline so perfect encapsulates who Sarah is and the love she pours into her work and seeing it on her business cards is such a treat.

Kindred Weddings and Events Business Card by Jordan Prindle Designs.png

For the business card, we used multiple photos to add a little more visual interest and whimsy to the overall concept.

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