FREE Inspiration Board Templates to Inspire Your Brand Design

Inspiration boards are at the core of every brand that I create. 

An inspiration board is the jumping off point for the visual direction of your brand. The inspiration board helps you navigate the direction of your logo, pattern, typography and collateral items. 

When you use an inspiration board to inspire each element of your brand, you are able to create something cohesive and on-brand with ease every single time. 

Today, I wanted to share with you a few inspiration boards that will help you to create your very own brand. 

I do want to note before you jump into the blog post, that I have categorized these inspiration boards and shared a little bit behind-the-scenes of what I had in mind while curating the inspiration board. This by no means a craft blogger can/should only use the craft blogging inspiration board. Feel free to select any that fits your brand and business!

Free Inspiration Boards to Inspire Your Brand Design | I created free moodboards to help you design a logo, brand or website with ease. Grab yours for free at #moodboard #branddesign #logodesign #colorinspiration #inspirationboards

Inspiration Board 1 | Lifestyle Brand / Instagram Influencer

While designing this inspiration board I wanted to curate a highly feminine, Instagram-focused, visual brand that would help a lifestyle brand or influencer curate a cohesive brand aesthetic.

Brand Adjectives: Feminine, Visual, Modern, Luxurious and Relaxed.

Inspiration Board 2 | Nature Photographer / Environmental Brand

While designing this inspiration board I focused on curating images that would reflect a natural, environmental or crunchy brand. I felt this inspiration board would be most drawn to by nature photographer or environmentally focused brands. 

Brand Adjectives: Calm, Harmonious, Organic, Natural and Thoughtful

Inspiration Board 3 | Food Blogger

For this inspiration board I wanted to channel a food blogger, nutritionist or health-conscious brand. I gave this board a darker, moodier vibe that I just love. 

Brand Adjectives: Natural, Moody, Evocative, Boundless and Industrious


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Inspiration Board 4 | Craft Blogger

For this inspiration board I channeled the crafting niche. I wanted to evoke a soft and delicate aesthetic that I thought would best appeal to the industry. 

Brand Adjectives: Gentle, Inviting, Tender, Feminine and Pleasant

Inspiration Board 5 | Interior Designer

For this inspiration board, I wanted to hone in on the interior designer market. I looked for clean and minimalist images so that the brand could be the basis of the business without overshadowing the beautiful interior design work that you do. 

Brand Adjectives: Airy, Light, Modern, Minimalist and Unassuming

Inspiration Board 6 | Social Media Manager

For this inspiration board, I wanted to hone in on the aesthetic of a social media manager. With this inspiration board I looked for soft, beachy photos that felt like a carefree and adventurous.

Brand Adjectives: Inviting, Adventurous, Idyllic, Warm and Inspirational

Inspiration Board 7 | Videographer

For this inspiration board, I honed in on videographers. When I started collecting inspiration I gathered a lot of images that balanced between the modern and vintage realm. 

Brand Adjectives: Inspiring, Audacious, Boundless, Dynamic and Timeless

Are you using one of the inspiration boards to create your brand? Let me know so I can follow along with your design journey!