A Comprehensive List of What to Include in Your Media Kit

When launching a creative business, the to-do list is long. Growing your creative business seems to keep the to-do list growing. 

One of the brand collateral pieces I often find people missing is a media kit. A media kit is a physical or digital document that aids in promoting your business to your fellow entrepreneurs, prospective clients or promoters. This can be useful for partnerships, collaborations and general press.

But, what do you need to include in your media kit and how do you make one? If you're design-challenged I suggest checking out Creative Market's* media kit selection. 

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A comprehensive list of what to include in your media kit | Are you leaving out any of these must-haves from your media kit? i.e., branding, services and call-to-actions? Read the full list at www.jordanprindledesigns.com


Brand elements

As mentioned above, a media kit is used to promote your brand to prospective partners or collaborators. Without proper branding it becomes significantly harder... When designing your media kit be sure to include your logo, website url, social media links, brand colors, typography, etc. Don't forget some of the less obvious branding pieces like brand voice and mission.


About your business

When entering into a partnership it's important to know information about the business you plan on working with. This section is a great place to share your why, mission statement or a general overview of your target audience. Let people see behind the curtain of your business.


About you

People don't just want to hear about your business, they also want to know about the woman behind the curtain. Share your story, interests and quirky facts. Let people really get to know you. You want to start connecting with your prospects before you ever talk to them. 

A comprehensive list of what to include in your media kit | Alabaster and Moore Example for "About You" section


Product or Service Information

Depending on how you plan to use your media kit you may want to include information about your products or services. I suggest explaining a little bit about your product or service, pricing and your process. A media kit is a great way to show transparency into your business. Why do you conduct business the way that you do. How are you different from your competition? Share the details that make you different. 


Success stories, collaborations or testimonials

After sharing your products or services it's important to support your claims and share your expertise. No matter what your goal is with your media kit you want to show transparency and authority. This is great when looking for collaborations or new clients. Consider sharing a case study, past collaborations and testimonials. Anything that shows people having a successful experience with you and your brand.

A comprehensive list of what to include in your media kit | Alabaster and Moore Testimonials Example


Data and statistics

Similarly to validating your claims with testimonials it's important to share your data and statistics. It's important to brag a little on yourself and your business.

What data you use can range depending on your goal. If you're looking for a collaborator, it's a good idea to share your social media following and website traffic. If you're using your media kit for selling a product or service you could share success stories for your clients after working with you. Was someone able to raise their prices or create a waiting list? 



Before completing your media kit you need to add a call-to-action. A call-to-action is when you tell your audience to complete a desired goal. This could be asking them to email you, follow you on Instagram or subscribe to your newsletter. Again, the call-to-action you use will vary depending on the goal of your media kit.

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