How to Schedule Your Work Day as a Creative Business Owner

How to Schedule Your Work Day as a Creative Business Owner | Being an entrepreneur means wearing a lot of hats. You need to be a designer, social media manager, accountant and more. Read how I schedule my work day at #branddesigner #squarespacedesigner

Being a creative business owner often means you wear a lot of hats. From designer to accountant to social media manager... I'm responsible for a lot more than I first assumed I would be. 

As I've learned to juggle #allthethings that come with being a creative business owner I’ve also learned a few tricks that have helped me stay productive. 

Today I’m sharing a sneak peek into my workday routine in hopes that it will help you make the most of your work schedule. I'm also interested in hearing about your workdays, so let me know what you do in the comments!

Disclaimer: this schedule is my goal for each day, and as I'm sure you already know life doesn't always care about your plans, so this exact schedule doesn't always occur. Sometimes, you just have to roll with the punches.



6:00 AM | Workout

I (attempt to) wake up at 6:00 AM to get a workout in. Depending on the season of life I'm in, I'll do yoga, HIIT or strength training. I enjoy mixing in a lot of different style of workouts, but I almost always fall back on the Tone It Up workouts and nutrition programs. 


7:00 AM | Start Getting Ready

After I've worked out, I whip up a quick breakfast and start getting ready for the day. 

Joey is a Co-Managing Director for a Financial Planning company, so his work hours are flexible. Which means, sometimes my morning look a little different if Joey is hanging around in the morning. If he is, we may run to a coffee shop or just move a little slower getting ready for the day.

Before I open my laptop, I try to take a few minutes to journal. I write down my intentions for the day, any big goals I'd like to accomplish and look over my to-do list. 


8:00 AM | Check Emails

Before getting the day going, I start by checking my email. 

I start my day with my email, to make sure there are no emergencies that need my immediate attention. If there aren't any emergencies, I move on to reading through client and prospective client emails. I like to check-in with my clients at least once a day, often more, to keep them updated on progress. Lastly, I look through any additional emails that may need attention before closing my email and moving on to social media.   


8:30 AM | Check-in on Social Media

I start by making sure all my social media posts are scheduled properly for the day.

Next, I check my Instagram notifications and respond to comments and DMs. Then, I head over to Facebook and check a few of the groups I'm in. I enjoy being a resource in these Facebook groups and answering any questions that I can. It's a fun and organic way to create real connections with people. Which is crucial when you're alone at a computer all day.  


9:00 AM | Client Work

Finally, I get to the best part of my day: client work. 

Depending on the project, this may include reading through their questionnaire's, preparing a design proposal or finalizing design concepts to send to my client. 

I give myself the first half of the day because I tend to be the most creative in the morning. It also helps me put a time limit on my work. In the past, I've allowed myself so much time that I lose money and create so many concepts the client is overwhelmed. Which benefits no one. Now, with lunch being my stop time, it creates a healthy boundary. 


Noon | Lunch

When I first got started, I would work all day. Non-stop. I went all energizer bunny. 

I thought it would make me more productive. I thought I could get more done. Yada yada yada. It just burnt me out.

Now, I take a break for lunch and watch tv, read a book, go for a walk... Anything that gets me out of work-mode. Not only does it keep me from burning out, I'm more creative and can better serve my clients.  


1:00 PM | Blog Post Preparation

After lunch, I start preparing blog posts for the upcoming weeks. 

Preparing my blog posts includes quite a few different steps. Depending on the day, it may include a content "brain dump" for upcoming months, outlines, rough drafts, revisions, creating graphics, etc. Each blog post and day looks a little different depending on how much progress was made the day before. 


3:00 PM | Miscellaneous Tasks 

I finish my days by completing any miscellaneous tasks. This ensures I can keep my to-do list under control and tackle any big picture projects. 

Depending on the day, it includes more social media work, content creation, following-up on emails, working on my business, etc. Once 5:00 PM hits, I log-off. Anything else that needs to get done, can wait until tomorrow. 

How do you schedule your work day? I love to hear about how others schedule their day. Let me know in the comments section!