Where to Find High Quality Stock Photos for your Creative Business

As small business owner's we're always on the lookout for quality products and services that can take our business to the next level. One of the best resources for my creative business, and most people's, is high quality photos. 

If you aren’t able to invest in a photographer, stock photos can be a great option to assist you in diversifying your social media content, promotional business graphics and so much more.

If you have started to think about how you can include stock photos in your business, don't worry. I've gathered up a few of my favorite photography resources to help you get started!


Where to find high quality stock photos for your creative business

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Unsplash is a great resource for free commercial licensed photos. That's right, 100% free photos that you can actually use for your business.

Unsplash offers a wide variety of photos from business stock photos to nature shots to phone backgrounds. You can search by word or color or explore collections.

I use collections for grouping the photos that I use, as well as exploring the images that others have collected into one group. This can be especially helpful if you’re trying to create a cohesive look for your business.

Where to find high quality stock photos for your creative business | Pexels

Additionally, Unsplash is now fully integrated into Squarespace. So, you can add Unsplash photos to your website without ever leaving Squarespace. Which is a huge plus in my book!


Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is apart of the Adobe software family so it provides you with instant watermarked previews of the photos within your project. This eliminates the time it takes to screenshot, crop and place an image in your design template to see if it works (prior to purchase).

Where to find high quality stock photo for your creative business | Adobe Stock

This is a huge time saver and helps you save money. I can't tell you the number of times I thought an image would be perfect for a design project and than after purchase it just didn't feel right

Adobe Stock also offers diverse payment options with subscription plans or purchasing individual credits.


Creative Market

Creative Market is a little different from the other two listed options as it is not solely a stock photo website. Creative Market is a platform where all different types of creatives can come together and sell their work. This includes, illustrators, coders, calligraphers and of course, photographers.

Where to find high quality stock photos for your creative business | Creative Market

Creative Market is a great option because you get to support other small business's, they have beautifully crafted packages to instantly make your brand cohesive and the designers get to choose their prices so no matter your budget you can find someone within your price range. 


Hire a Photographer

This may seem a little unexpected, but hiring your own photographer is a great way to make customized and unique stock photos for your business. 

Hiring a photographer gives you full control over your photos. Plus, you can work with one photographer and get your head shots, sneak-peeks, stock photos and product shots all at once! This will leave you with the most volume, diversity and personal touch that stock photos can't always provide.  

Where do you find your stock photos? Let me know in the comments sections!